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Office Discipline Referral Data and PBIS

Analysis of student outcome data, including office discipline referral data, improves a school’s ability to provide comprehensive academic and behavioral supports for all students. The School-wide Information System (SWIS) is one web-based system that schools may use to record and analyze office discipline referral information.

Does your school use SWIS? Or is your school interested in using SWIS? Check out this Job Aid to see how analysis of SWIS data can help schools begin to close the Discipline Gap for students of color and students with disabilities.

Job Aid

Disaggregating Office Discipline Referral (ODR) Data using SWIS to Examine Discipline Outcomes for Subgroups of Students

Why Disaggregate Discipline Data by Subgroups?

Use of a web-based data management system to record and summarize Office Discipline Referral (ODR) information, such as the School-wide Information System (SWIS), allows schools to make informed decisions about how to support student behavior. Analysis of behavior patterns at the school-wide level (e.g. the most frequent problem behaviors in the cafeteria) provides insight into how to structure behavior support practices for all students. Analysis of individual student behavior ensures that intensive, individualized behavior support is tailored to the needs of the student, increasing the likelihood of success. However, in order to ensure that each and every student is receiving the behavior support that he or she needs to be successful, schools must also analyze ODR data by subgroups of students.

America’s academic achievement gap for students with disabilities, students of color, and students learning English has made headlines for many years (National Education Association, 2015). A discipline gap exists for the same subgroups of students, with much research focusing on the gap for students of color (Losen, D. et al, 2015). As educators, we must take action towards righting these inequities. Any action should begin with an analysis of the current state of discipline disproportionality. Disaggregation of discipline data using SWIS is an important first step for any school to begin the process of addressing equity for all students.

The following Job Aid is meant for schools currently using SWIS. For more information regarding SWIS, please contact SERC at (860) 632-1485.

Click here to download a document to learn more about SWIS data.