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The district coordinator is a member of the district behavior leadership team and is responsible for coordinating the tasks associated with managing PBIS at the district level. The functions of the district coordinator are integrated into the duties of an existing member of personnel. The district coordinator organizes district behavior leadership team meetings, district presentations, staff trainings, and related events and maintains records related to implementation and roll-out.


The district coordinator has the freedom and flexibility to organize meetings for the district team and to respond to inquiries from the SERC PBIS Team regarding district behavior leadership team membership, meeting dates, and other information directly related to PBIS implementation. The coordinator maintains the record of schools trained and the schedule for schools currently in the Training Series. The district coordinator updates the district behavior action plan and ensures all district PBIS documents are up-to-date, including the district behavior leadership team list, District Roll-out Plan, and the Statement of Assurances.

The district coordinator facilitates the sharing of certain information between the school-based coaches and teams and the district behavior leadership team regarding dates for training and evaluation, conference opportunities, and other related activities.

Information regarding grants, funding, and opportunities for schools to become a PBIS demonstration site is maintained and shared as necessary by the district coordinator.

The district coordinator is the liaison between the SERC PBIS Team and the district behavior leadership team. Requests of, invitations to, or information for the district behavior leadership team will be made through the district coordinator.