Selected schools continue to receive training and technical assistance with respect to the implementation of a multi-tiered behavioral framework (MTBF), in this case Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Together with the Technical Assistance Providers, the schools select and implement the data, systems, and practices necessary to support students and staff. Schools participating in the intensive implementation process include:

2015-2018 Cohort

2016-2019 Cohort

In addition to the scope and sequence of PBIS trainings, each school will conduct a “How Welcoming Is Your School Walkthrough” in year one and in year three. A Welcoming Walkthrough is a team of family members, community partners, and school personnel that tours the school and reviews school materials in an effort to develop recommendations and commendations for use by school personnel to improve the school atmosphere.

More information on Welcoming Walkthrough.

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