Connecticut’s School Climate Transformation Grant project began in October 2014. The five-year federal funding is intended to assist state agencies in developing, enhancing, and expanding their statewide systems of support for, and technical assistance to, local education agencies (LEAs) and schools implementing an evidence-based, multi-tiered behavioral framework (MTBF). Connecticut’s project is focused on supporting the implementation of positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) in order to improve behavioral outcomes and learning conditions for all students. This project is a collaboration among the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), the State Education Resource Center (SERC), and the Center for Behavioral Education & Research (CBER) at the University of Connecticut to:

  • Enhance and deliver high-quality training and technical assistance to participating schools around the development of a MTBF,
  • Expand the cadre of trained professionals by building their capacity to deliver effective, meaningful support to schools and districts, and
  • Effectively align statewide improvement efforts focusing on school climate.

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