What is Connecticut's PBIS Model Schools Project?

The Connecticut PBIS Model Schools Project recognizes schools for successfully implementing school-wide systems for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and using their data to ensure diminishing racial disparities, continued improvement and systematic fidelity. Criteria for recognition are based on effective implementation of key features, a focus on decreasing the over representation of referrals with students of color and demonstration of continuous improvement constructed from data.

Award Levels

PBIS Banner School Level

Outstanding Schools will be recognized as Banner Schools A Banner School is implementing School-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) with fidelity as measured by; the School-wide Evaluation Tool (SET), a decrease in ODRs, the effective use of data, and active demonstration participation. Banner Schoolswill receive a banner and certificate, be highlighted at statewide events, on the SERC Web site, and in PBIS Publications.

PBIS Demonstration School Level

Exceptional Schools will be distinguished as Demonstration Schools. A Demonstration School, in addition to meeting the criteria of a Banner School, have applied the process to identify areas requiring change, and successfully implemented interventions/strategies. Demonstration Schoolswill receive a banner, certificate and a monetary stipend. Schools will also open their doors to 4 site visits, sharing their success at statewide events, on the Web, and in PBIS publications.

Nominate your school to be a CT PBIS Banner or Model School and receive recognition for exemplary PBIS implementation! Contact Matt Spar for more information at (860) 632-1485 ext. 369.

Please click here to download nomination forms

What Does a Model Demonstration School Visit Include?

Each Model Demonstration School has planned a schedule that highlights the essential features of PBIS for planning and implementation in its school. Agendas will vary slightly depending on implementation variability and grade level. Each visit will include the following: a tour of the school; time with PBIS team members and the school administrator; a package of materials related to PBIS implementation, including a history of PBIS in the school and a review of data and outcomes from PBIS; and an opportunity for questions. Visitors are encouraged to go to the site that will meet their individual needs by considering location and grade level.

Who Should Attend a Model Demonstration School Visit?

Schools that are:

    • implementing PBIS
    • participating in PBIS training
    • considering participating in PBIS training

As well as:

  • Families of children attending PBIS schools
  • District PBIS Coaches or Coordinators
  • School Administrators interested in PBIS
  • Anyone interested in learning more about PBIS

Model Demonstration School Visit registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and space is limited. Please directly contact the school in order to register for a specific event. Schools reserve the right to limit the number of visitors from a single school or district.